Why I Started This Blog

April 9, 2010

When I got engaged on March 9, 2010, my first thought was ‘I get to plan a wedding!’ I was, in fact, one of those little girls who thought about her wedding, but I didn’t have actual visions of it. So, I jumped right in! I researched venues, bought wedding magazines, read practically every piece of advice available on TheKnot.com.

But, while I have fabulous friends, four of whom will be in my bridal party, and I have a great family, including a sister who will also be a bridesmaid, and I have a wonderful, amazing, fantastic, beautiful, lovable fiance… All of them have gotten to the point in the last month where they just don’t want to hear about the wedding 24/7.

So, I started a blog. Natural progression, right?

Here’s what I hope this blog will be:

  • A record of the process of planning my wedding, which is tentatively planned for October 9, 2011
  • An aggregation of articles, ideas, photos and any other wedding related content online
  • Reviews of wedding websites, vendors, services, etc.
  • An interactive community of brides, bridesmaids and anyone else involved with weddings to share ideas and support

So, we’ll see how it goes over the next 18 months. I’m excited for the whole process and I look forward to sharing the experience here.