Invitation Beginnings!

April 26, 2010

So, we’re hoping to build our invitations on our own to save a bunch cash. Like significant amounts of cash.. Like close to $500. Anyway, I’ve mentioned before my love for the website Cards and Pockets. They have a really great DIY invitation kit including pocket folds, mats and everything else you need. I bought a sample kit and some samples and I’ve been playing around with it. And then I found this website: and they sell paper punches. So, I bought these!

Those are leaf shaped paper punches! And those are the multiple different papers I punched leaves out of as soon as I opened it! Yay crafty stuff!

Then I ran out of good paper to punch and really get a sense of how it would actually look like, so my fabulous fiance bought me this!

Yes, that’s construction paper. So, once I got some leaves punched out of the construction paper, Paul decided to play around with branch images. Here is what we’ve come up with for our invitations. Obviously, we haven’t printed any of the actual invitation, so no text, but here’s the what it might look like. The tab on the front would have our monogram on it. And I’m probably going to defy tradition and put Paul’s initial first, because then we get P+S, which is totally cute! Without further ado…

The three cards on the side will probably have the headers ‘Destination: Hudson Valley’ which will have accommodation and local stuff to do on it, ‘Directions’ and ‘RSVP’ with the envelope.



One Response to “Invitation Beginnings!”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    Catching up on the blog, and EEEE I WANT TO PLAY WITH THAT.

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