Wedding Dreams

April 17, 2010

No, this isn’t about what my dream wedding would be like. This is about dreams I’ve had that have to do with weddings. Seriously. Am I going to have to deal with this for another 18 months? Oh boy..

It’s been two so far. The first one was short. I was in a dressing room while other people were trying on wedding dresses. That one also had a pool in it. Not at the same time as the wedding dresses, earlier. Very strange.

The second one, which was this morning, was probably inspired by the fact that I was looking up RK Bridal before going to bed. RK Bridal is a warehouse like bridal shop in Hell’s Kitchen, basically the antithesis of Kleinfeld’s. You look through the dresses yourself and figure out what you want. The “consultants” are really only there to help you get in and out of the dresses.

In my dream, I was visiting RK Bridal, only it was outdoors. So there are racks of dresses, set up kind of like you’d see at Target, outside, under trees and on grass. Because grass and wedding dresses go together like- Well, they don’t go together (even though I’ll be walking down a grass aisle!). Anyway, I get in and I start looking at dresses and it’s really impossible to get a good sense of any of them, because they’re all really bedazzled and slinky, hanging on hangers without any shape to them at all. I’ve probably spent the last twenty minute trying to find an example of what I mean and I will now have nightmares from all the horrible tacky weddings I’ve found.

There was more to the dream, but it wasn’t wedding related. I’m concerned though. I don’t know if I want another 18 months of crazy dreams like this! Hopefully, it’ll stick to dreams and never move over to nightmare. That would not be fun.


Had another one. This time around I was about to go try on dresses somewhere when someone from Robert Bullock Bridal called me and was like, “I thought you wanted to get your dress here…” and I had a defend my decision to start trying on dresses in other place!

Then I was getting a mani/pedi and Paul was there and I asked him to help me pay, so I didn’t mess up my nails reaching for my bag. Strange!


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